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Noah is wearing the super cute Bluebell dress. This dress has an adjustable strap in the neck with a zipper on the side. By adding smock in the back we created some breathing and growing space for you, cause who likes to wear too tight clothes anyway?

Order the Bluebell dress through our website and pick your fabric in store xxx


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Shopping for The Bloesem Collection is just a little different from going to your regular clothing store. At the Naaierij, we’ve got a rack with samples on display. Those samples have all been made in one size. You can fit a sample and order the one you like. Is the fit not perfect, should it be a different size or some other modifications are needed? We can make adjustments for you within the limits of the design. To finalize your order you pick one of the many fabrics and we will start working on your order. Within two weeks your unique piece of clothing will be ready and you can come pick it up at the Naaierij.

The Bloesem collection is timeless and is produced in a sustainable manner. Sewn with love by De Naaierij, inspired by vintage patterns and made entirely from vintage fabrics. Fabrics which we have found on our various thrift shop hunts. Flowerprints on all of them (guess the name). Besides, all items come with a button or elastic detail so you can keep wearing your piece when you gain or lose a little on the hips.

Because we are against the fast fashion industry, because we want everyone to value their clothing more, that’s why we started this collection.
A collection in which you can grow, clothing you’ll want to keep having in your closet, made from sustainable materials and with our own hands. So you’ll have an item in your closet which you’ll never want to throw away.



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