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100% woolen duster


This 100% woolen duster is one of my favourite items. I wear it all the time while working at @naaierij . It’s comfy, warm and super easy to put over any outfit. During the winter I wear it as a cardigan and during the summer I wear it as a coat.

Different colours available . 📸


The main focus of Studio Soesoe aesthetics is a minimalist silhouette with clean lines, original cut-outs and interesting shapes. This results in simplified, classic clothing with a smart design. Due to the simplified patterns and few finishes, the production of clothing changes to an easy and fast process, which is equivalent to a cheap process. This allows the production to be brought back to the country where it was originally designed and where it will be sold. This contributes to a better environment by reducing the carbon footprint and ensures that the production takes place in good conditions.

“‘Soesoe’ is Indonesian for coffee with milk, which also symbolizes the nickname for someone of mixed heritage.”




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